Colour and Light for Oil Painters – online course


Questions we will answer….

How do I overcome muddy colours? How do I use warm and Cool colours? How do I make colours lighter and darker without losing their intensity? What do all these strange colours terms even mean? How do you match a colour exactly? And many more.



An online course with Norman Long

Assisting and inspiring you on a personal colour journey.

Two Months Online Tuition

Prizewinning professional artist Norman Long shares the secrets of a lifelong exploration of colour in this groundbreaking course. A devoted scholar of painting technique, Norman loves to inspire artists of all experience levels to explore new avenues of their artistic potential.

The course gives you the opportunity to receive expert tuition and interact with a nationally recognised professional artist. You will also benefit from interaction with other distinguished artists on the course.

The aim of the course is that you become INSANELY INSPIRED and take brave steps in your depiction of light and your personal use of colour.


Please note that classes are NOT every week. The intervals are to give you time to make your own colour explorations and incorporate some of the ideas presented in class into your own painting practice.

MONDAYS 6.30pm – 8.30pm GMT

You will be sent a link to join the zoom session prior to the class.

Classes will be recorded so that you can revisit or catch up at your own pace. A link to the recorded session will be sent after the class (within 2 days)

  1. 15th April 2024 (1wk interval)
  2. 22nd April 2024 (1wk)
  3. 29th April 2024 (2 wks)
  4. 13th May 2024 (3 wks)
  5. 3rd June 2024 (2 wks)
  6. 17th June 2024

You will be invited to join the private Facebook group to share your work and receive comments. Alternatively, you can email images to the tutor.

Full Course cost for 6 classes plus feedback. £300.

(Monthly payment plans are available for those who need – contact Norman to enquire)