Announcing Norman Long’s

Paintings of Lytham St Annes 

17th – 25th Aug 2018


High Flyer
56 x 34 inches, Oil on Linen
Painting “High Flyer” brought together three powerful attractions, which are worked out in the studies below. This incredible light, which envelops us in a pinkish glow, lasts only a few moments. In the small work “Last Light on the Dunes with White Church”, I am working furiously, feet in the sand, trying to capture this fleeting effect.
“Last Light on the Dunes with White Church”
12 x 10 inches , Oil on Board
The Dunes are a place where the children are happy for hours and we can truly relax. I did drawings while they played and sometimes small paintings like the one below to understand the landscape, it’s textures and colours. 
Dunes in Low Light
12 x 10 inches, Oil on Board
The figures are based on separate photographs but are composed through numerous drawings, like the one below, to create a natural relationship. For me, the painting (and hence the title) reflects the wonder with which parents observe the achievements of their first child.
The Kite Flyer
28 x 17 inches, Mixed Media