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Welcome to my first book on oil painting. It arose out of 20 year’s experience figuring out how to paint with oils and sharing those discoveries with my students. I’d always thought of writing a book, so being asked by GMC publishers gave me the perfect kick.

This book answers the questions my students most frequently ask, for one thing so that I don’t need to repeat those answers any more. They told me to write the way I speak to them, so the style is informal, with an occasional attempt at humour. They also said it’s helpful to see me get it wrong sometimes and to give the reasons for the changes I make in a painting, so all that is included.

It features ten paintings of my favourite subjects (including Still Life, Landscape, Portrait and Figure) and introduces the reader to all the most exciting ways to apply and remove oil paint. Sixteen paintings were produced specifically for the book, ten of which were selected for inclusion. Three of the paintings were done outdoors, which got me really excited about that process and I’ve been doing loads of it since.

Email me and let me know what you think of the book. Thanks.