Portraits in Oils

My process requires sittings from life in order to produce a portrait which reflects my best work in terms of colour, composition and connection with the subject. In exceptional circumstances, such as children, I will work from my own photographs (but never from somebody else’s).  Occasioanally I will combine life sittings with work from photos. Sitters usually enjoy the process of working with the artist and seeing the painting evolve.

To give a rough idea of the time involved, a head and shoulders portrait from life may be completed in a day if necessary or over 2 or 3 separate shorter sittings. A Three Quarter Length portrait may take 3 to 4 days in the sitter’s home or 6 shorter sittings if painted over a longer period of time. Sittings can be arranged at the artist’s studio or the client’s home.

Please contact Norman Long with all questions – I shall be happy to discuss your requirements.



Norman Long –  Oil Portraits

Price Guide

 Portraits are in Oil on board or canvas.

Head Portraits

10” x 12”           £545

12” x 14”           £665

14” x 16”          £795

Head and Shoulders

20″ x 16″           £945

18” x 24”          £1395

Compact Three Quarter Length

24” x 30”            £2250

Three Quarter Length

30” x 40”          £4,250

Full Length

40” x 60”          £7,950


Prices not inclusive of travel or framing. 2021.