Complimentary – Norman Long FIGURATIVE

All pieces on this page are Oil on Board

Artwork is supplied FRAMED.  

Sizes are in INCHES



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Fauvist Self Portrait 10x12ins £545 Framed
Self Portrait After Matisse 10x12ins £545 Framed
Teatime With Fizz Drinkers 12x12ins £595 Framed
BloodBrothers 12x12ins £545 Framed
Just Checking 16x12ins £655 Framed
Family Crossing 48x36ins £2750 Framed
Glance Across The Divide 12x12ins £595 Framed
Low Glow 12×12 £595 Framed
Bit Chilly 12x12ins £595 Framed
Trouble With The Phone 10x14ins £595 Framed
Girl In The City 14x14ins £655 Framed
Love In Different Sizes 8x12ins £555 Framed
The Bond 18x12ins £655
The Way She Stood That Day 10x24ins £755 Framed
Take This Precious Life 16×16 £655
Guardians Of The Future 16x16ins £655
Puzzler 16x16ins £695 Framed
Zig Zag 20x20ins £995 Framed
Grown Ups And The Things They Do 28x20ins £1125 Framed
All Hopes And Dreams 38x30ins £2250 Framed
Bedroom 16 x 12ins £595 Framed
Like Pawns In A Game 40x48ins £2850 Framed

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